Introduction- NirMii


You might be wondering what does my blog’s name mean, what is NirMii?

Well, I have the  answers to your questions.

NirMii is a word I created, it is the combination of my fiance’s name (Niru) and my name (Hamii), put together as a couple name. Basically, it is the beginning of his name (Nir) and the ending of my name (Mii) combined to make – NirMii. It is to signify that we being and end with each other.

Some might call it cheesy or cringe worthy, but why not?

I think it is cute and we both thought it was a lovely idea. The gold pendant you see as the main picture and the post picture for this post is a gift I got for him and me. It was our couple gift for Valentine’s day 2016, it is  handmade jewellery by a company called Littlesmith based in London. Their service is exceptional and the quality is well made. On one side of the pendant, we have our names with a heart between it and on the other side we have the couple name.

So… now you know what NirMii means. Yay!


Hamii xx


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