Absurd Bird- Soho, London

Hello my beautiful friends,

I hope you have all been well.

Recently, Niru and I decided to make a list of restaurants and cafes that we have seen recommended or featured somewhere like by friends or Instagram pages. We thought this would be a good idea for our dates out and it would also allow us to experience a different kind of foods.

The first place from our list we had visited was ‘Absurd Bird’ in Soho, London.

Our verdict about the whole experience, the staff, the food and a rating for this place will be in this blog post. (Disclaimer: the rating is our personal experience and is not influenced by anyone else)


These are the images from the outside and the upper lever (where we sat on this occasion), the whole place had a very friendly vibe to it. It could have been the warm lighting, the splash of romantic red here and there or just the place as a whole.

There were many offers available on their menu, we had decided to go for a 2-course and a 3-course meal, as Niru and I usually struggle to eat a lot in one sitting. This meant that we both could share our starter and then have individual main meals, and then share our dessert together. This worked out quite perfectly.


We ordered our favourite sodas, and a macaroni cheese as the starter, we had the option to have it with jalapenos but we kindly said no as our spice levels are not too great.

This dish was amazing! Niru usually loves it and I had made it for him twice at home, but this was one of the best we had tasted in a restaurant. The way it was served was also very unique and fitting to the whole ambience. The portion size was more than enough for the two of us and we laughed at how we would have been full just by this if we each had an own starter.


For our main meals, I had their chicken burger with chips and Niru had their roasted quarter chicken with chips. Let me explain, this chicken burger was the mother of any chicken burger I had tasted. It was beyond good/tasty. I devoured it with the occasionally allowing Niru to have a bite or two. The size was huge and I did struggle, but that didn’t stop me from finishing it. Although Niru did like the chicken, he commented that he preferred my choice more (as ever!). We both agreed that the freshly cut and cooked chips were great and such a perfect accompany to the burger and chicken. I know we certainly will go back for the burger.


To finish our experience we had chosen chocolate chip cookies as our dessert, I was honestly expecting thin, almost shop brought style cookies and to my utter surprise, this was placed in front of me. A cute little metal basket, filled with three different types of cookies and a tiny (CUTE!) bottle of milk. I literally squealed with happiness at how cute it was.

After such amazing meal, we did struggle to finish the cookies as we were so full but it was worth it. They were so fresh and homemade, one of the best cookies I have tasted (and trust me I am picky with food). This was such a lovely finish to our meal and the whole experience.


This was the lovely gentleman who minded our table, throughout the meal and one of the amazing chefs there. He was very friendly and kind, patiently explaining things from the menu and looking after us very well. We informed them about my blog and wanted to feature them for such a great service.

The final verdict: AMAZING! 4.8/5 for Absurd Bird.

If you guys have the chance, please do check them out:

Absurd Bird, Soho. W1F 0AH


Hamii xx


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