Why did I even make a blog?

Hello my beautiful friends,

I hope you have all been well. I am so sorry to have been a bit quite since I started blogging again, but I have been busy trying to sort out a few things. We are looking to move together soon, in our own little place after the wedding. We thought will need to move around December/January time in order to sort out the place and to make it ready. We have decided to rent out for some time as the house prices in London are too high to even imagine buying a place and for now, we don’t want that sort of responsibility now. So, house/apartment hunting has officially begun and it’s hard work!

Now, back to the subject of this post. I originally had a Blog with WordPress (a free one) and had some post on their but then I was reading up some things about having your own blog pages and the benefits of it, so after having a conversation with Niru- we decided to create this page. My own blog website.

I love writing and also meeting new people, especially around the world. Social media and Blogging has really opened doors to this and allows a lot of like minded people. I would love to hear from my readers, your views, comments and even a simple hello. You guys can maybe give me ideas about what to post, as I am still new to all this.

Let’s spread the love around the world, even with a simple “hello”.

So, Hello to you and I hope you have an amazing day!


Hamii xx


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