Hello my beautiful friends, 

Welcome to my Blog- Nirmii.com. 

My name is Hameraa, but I am better known as Hamii. I live in London with my family (mum, dad and an older sister), I moved from Sri Lanka to here at the age of 8 and have called London as my home since then. I have finished my degrees in English literature and Sociology and my Masters degree. I worked as an English lecturer for about two years and I am now on a career break, the reason for that is the fact that I am getting married to my boyfriend/fiance of nearly two years in March 2017. 

I am mostly busy with some work and my everyday life, as well as planning the whole wedding, but I recently decided to explore the world of blogging as I have always been interested in writing and reading other blogs too. 

I hope you enjoy finding a little bit more about me from my blogs, as well as joining me on days out and travels, seeing the photographs I take with my Canon DSLR (I love photography btw!), seeing the food and cuisines I enjoy and overall, just travelling with me through this life of mine, through this blog.

 I will be posting about the wedding planning and our new house that we will be moving to soon… 

Enjoy! – Love Hamii xx